Debi Aluminum advocates innovation adopting the industry’s leading innovative methods and advanced technologies. As part of its innovation program, the Company has developed a unique two-story test facility. Here, curtain wall façades are tested before arriving and installed onsite. With this facility, the Company’s staff can examine the quality and nature of the curtain wall façades regarding their durability and ability to cope with fierce winds and huge amounts of precipitation. This is done using a powerful fan, creating a strong wind aimed directly onto the curtain wall facade and sprinklers spraying a large amount of water on it for leak testing.


Uncompromising Quality

Aside from innovation, the Company meticulously uses quality materials, as well as quality control. All glass walls are inspected at the factory and at the inspection facility, before delivery to the building site. If necessary, they undergo various repairs and improvements to meet the required quality level strictly maintained by the Company. The Company also collaborates with Schuco, Kawneer and Wicona and other world class German aluminum companies.

Creative Thinking

Debi Aluminum is recognized by the market as a company with the ability to cope with and implement complex demands and ideas. The Company’s extensive experience, alongside its skilled staff, enables its customers to enjoy a collection of creative solutions that are professionally applied in the field.

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