Curtain Wall Facades

We manufacture a variety of unique customized products for our customers according to onsite requirements, such as, showcases, balustrades, indoor pools, and more.
All our products are well designed by the Company’s staff based on personal consultations, adaptations to onsite conditions, selection of quality materials, manufacturing of products at the Company’s plant, and onsite installation by our skilled teams. All our products undergo quality control and meet the strictest standards.

Curtain Wall Facades

We specialize in designing and installing curtain wall facades employing a variety of methods (Unitize, Stick, Double-Skin Facade) and types (REGULAR, SGx4, SGx2), finding solutions for complicated engineering problems, and creating a framed aluminum and high-quality glass shell.

Curtain wall facades are the modern replacement for exterior walls made of conventional building materials. Curtain wall facades carry their own weight and do not support any other building component where installed. The strength and size of curtain-wall profiles are well designed and determined mainly by expected wind and seismic forces existing in the building area.

Curtain wall facades are adapted to the needs existing in the market. We strive to encourage green construction by glazing with ‘Low-E’ glass that filters radiation and heat, awnings outside or within insulated glass, or by shading, thereby significantly reducing the building’s energy consumption.

Windows Integrated in Curtain Wall Facades

There are number of window models interleaved in the curtain wall facades.

Hidden hopper window opening outward, structurally glazed; tilt-turn window opening inward and opening with side hinges; window with parallel-slide mechanism enabling opening in parallel with the curtain wall facade intended for large spans.

The windows are available in various sizes, from a standard size window to full floor-ceiling height without any divisions.

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