Customized Products

We manufacture a variety of unique customized products for our customers according to onsite requirements, such as, showcases, balustrades, indoor pools, and more. All our products are well designed by the Company’s staff including personal consultations, adaptations to onsite conditions, selection of quality materials, manufacturing of products at the Company’s plant, and onsite installation by our skilled teams. All our products undergo quality control and meet the strictest standards.

Cable Net Facade

We design, manufacture, and install cable net façades that combine glass and cable, employing groundbreaking technology. The cables are tightly stretched across the walls in a crisscross pattern, with each junction formed at the glass panels (connections) with a stainless-steel accessory that acts as a major anchor for the glass corners.
The cable net façade has a luxurious and unique look and has become a status symbol in opulent buildings requiring elegant and delicate exterior cladding. The cables are tightly stretched, so the wall gets good wind resistance and is able to safely carry the tension loads.

Sliding Doors

We carry out complex engineering projects, including installing sliding doors weighing up to 400 kg. Advanced controlled motors, providing the ultimate solution for closing in especially large spaces, move the sliding doors. Architects and entrepreneurs will benefit from a variety of comprehensive solutions using sliding doors for partitioning spaces.


This one of our decorative solutions for closing in ceilings in large spaces that require natural light, such as luxury towers, shopping malls, public buildings, private buildings, and more. Roofing in a ceiling with glass comes in a variety of architectural sizes and shapes; adapted to the nature of the area and customer requirements. As part of our service, our clients will benefit from our consulting, planning, implementation, and assembly services by trained staff, all working according to the strictest safety standards.

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