Aluminum composite panels

We offer high-quality aluminum cladding consisting of two aluminum panels with a low-density polyethylene core. The aluminum composite panel has the advantages of being light weight, highly bendable, unbreakable, noise-insulating, easily maintained, resistant to weather conditions, shock-resistant, environmentally friendly, lasting for many years, and easily installed. Debi Aluminum provides a wide range of colors to choose from, as well as planning services, manufacturing and onsite installation.


We provide our clients with a wide range of glass according to consultant and architect’s requirements; the glass is shown in the “mock-up” at project start. We work with every type of glass: Insulation allows good building insulation, laminated glass (triple-glass) enables acoustic insulation, iron door glass (extra clear) with a very transparent tone that allows high light passage inward to save energy. Fully printed glass that enabling non-transparency or printing by sample for architectural uses and Low-E glass with a coating that filters radiation and heat from passing through it.


Suitable for exterior and interior cladding for buildings of various types such as public projects, private homes and residential buildings; It can be used as building cladding, exterior walls, roofs, copings, window thresholds, and more. HPL is made of thick Formica composed of laminated material, containing thermostatic resins and cellulose fibers saturated in resin and uniformly dispersed in the board and cross-section. The material does not contain asbestos, metals and toxins. It has a uniform texture and comes in a variety of colors. It is an ideal cladding material.

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